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Jan 11

My first job

THis Bitch right here u got here first real job.

…..no more hustling for Dinero

NOw im a pizza girl at the mall nice right!…..i get to see hot guys with no shirt on evryday

Dec 06

Every guy has a main chick no matter how many girls his fucking with! i agree or disagree

First of all let me give u guys a little 401 on what the main chick does.

my definison <__________>The main chick( main bitch,wifey) is the one that has being with you thru your ups & downs, the one thats going to be their for u thru the good & bad to make easier shes the one that will have your back no matter what.

A guy could have 4 bitches shit even 100 of those bitches  but he still has his main bitch at home. Even thoe they got their main bitch hold them down here are some of their chicks on side:

Side chicks:

1. The young Chick: the young chick is probably between the age of 18 to 20. so a 18 to 20 year old is probably a college student,single & no kids but is inmature compare to your main chick.But that dont stop a guy why cuz how shes young means more sex with out any complains & its for free.

2. The grown chick: meaning the one thats settle. probably got her own crib, own job & good ass benefit but has kids. yes Children!

3. The crazy chick: this one is my favorite chick is funny. So the crazy bitch is the one u didnt know was crazy but now is too late but guys probably stay from the crazy chick because her sex is good. The crazy chick has the pontatial to be you main chick but to remind you shes the crazy chick.

so as you can see i just gave you some of the chicks a guy might run to when he wants to have a chick(s) on the side oh he lets not for get about the stripper.

4. The stripper: is the one with ne hot body pretty face. this is the one that might have a little of all the other chick in her. for example; the stripper might be stripping to pay for college meaning he can let the young chick go. The stripper might be a single mothe & is stripping to pat for her kids needs or something.

but after all this chick are in the middle of you & your main chick it dont matter cuz your main chick is stil their shes the foundation to all this meaning that if all the other chicks leave your ass your main chick is still going to be their.

why is that the main chick alwasys stick around?

Well that i good question but i dont think i can answer cuz im not the type of girl that stick around when i know my man is cripping arounf. But i guess the main chick just sticks aroud cuz of love.WHAT DO THINK?

Dec 04
All time favorite movie

All time favorite movie

Dec 04

I just slept 13 hours :

Dec 03
Dec 02

quote Heat Vs Cav….Lebron got this!

Dec 02

R.kelly New song Love Letter

R. Kelly sends his Love Letter a couple weeks early, streaming his 11th studio album in full ahead of its December 14 release date.

Is a pretty good song for that special someone.

Here’s a link to listen to the song:http://www.djbooth.net/index/tracks/radio2/r-kelly-love-letter/

Dec 02

Top 5 lies told by a men!

1. I love you                           2. I’m fine
3. Maybe we could still be friends…
4. I have read and agree to the terms of use(this one goes for both sexes)
5. Forever & Always, I promise

Dec 02

Is their ever too much sex?

In my opinion NO ( HELL NO) & who ever thinks their is your wack! or u either dont get any as much as u wish & ur just hating>but anyways you cant ever have too much sex, everybody love sex & if u dont u got a problem. Here are just a few reasons why theirs never too much sex.

Sex is healthy in acouple of ways Like: You can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. Also Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. Okay enough about that is kinda boring

Sex is a good feeling i know guys are aways offering & always their when ever u want it. but Some girl try t act like they dont want when they know all they want is for a guy to be beat that ass up lol….anyways

 Sex is not just good, it’s good for you! Have more sex!

Dec 02
Dec 02
Dec 02
Dec 02
Dec 02
Dec 02

This is sexy OchoCinco gets Naked for PETA! uh La LA baby

Ummm I want to see what his carrying down their! Dont You.

People dont wear Fur save a animal instead.

His the link to the cover:


P.s  Ochocinco baby keep that body looking tightfor mami!…i would so Hit that any time Opps did i just say that